Research Projects
Biochar for soil remediation

Biochar for soil remediation

Researchers are testing biochar’s ability to improve the quality of urban soils while mitigating climate change. Why is it needed? In Swedish cities, there are previous industrial sites in locations attractive for new construction. Soils in these areas are often

Kenyan biochar

Biochar in Kenya

Biochar produced in cookstoves can contribute to negative carbon emissions through sequestration of biomass carbon, while also providing clean renewable energy and increasing yields in tropical agriculture.

Complexity in biochar agronomic effects

System analysis of biochar production and use in Sweden

In this Vinnova-funded project (2017-2021), we model the life cycle climate and environmental impacts of new biochar applications in Sweden. We develop a methodological framework to assess the system effects of biochar production and use, and apply it to three

Biochar map

We participate in the Nordic Biochar Network and develop a map of biochar projects in the Nordics.

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Science beyond the academy

What is biochar stability?

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How do farmers use biochar?

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What's in it for municipalities?

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Another question? Ask us!

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Master and bachelor theses

Write your thesis with us! Every year we supervise several students from all fields: chemical engineering, industrial economics, environmental engineering, design...

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Recent Theses

In 2020, students have been working on biochar carbon sequestration potential in Sweden, but also identifying arable land in Sweden with potential highest-benefit from biochar. In 2019, students have been working on biochar stability, business models around biochar and identification of low-value biomass streams in Sweden.

Prioritising biochar application to arable land in Sweden: A spatial multi-criteria analysis
Biochar as a carbon dioxide removal solution: An assessment of carbon stability and carbon dioxide removal potential in Sweden [Master thesis]
Carbon Stability of Biochar: Methods for assessment and indication [Master thesis]